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The LumberGuard Process

Step 1: Preparation

Lumber Guard applicators utilize a media blasting technology, which is a dry process similar to sand blasting. This technology literally removes all visible contamination from the wood surface while reducing the moisture content of the lumber. Mold is guaranteed not to grow back on treated structural surfaces The blast media used for this process is soft, only 2.5 on the Moh's hardness scale, and will not compromise even the most sensitive surface. This technology is also completely non-toxic and nonhazardous.

Step 2: Treatment

All wood surfaces are cleaned using a gentle abrasive (Corn Cob) applied by a high pressure blasting device similar to sandblasting. Contamination is removed prior to treatment application. Then all residual abrasive and contaminates are collected and removed from the building site. Lumber Guard is then applied using an industrial electrostatic or an airless sprayer. Lumber Guard applicators document the process with photographic evidence which is provided along with the Company's Warranty.

Step 3: Warranty

Warranty breaks out in three ways.

1). If a treated surface becomes "wet" for any reason, MoldGuard USA will retreat the surface. 2). If mold grows on a treated surface, MoldGuard USA will remediate at NO COST. 3). If the builder is sued for personal injury due to mold growing on a treated surface, MoldGuard USA's product liability insurance will share in the defense of the case.


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